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Wujiang Jinxiao Air Conditioning Purification Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in the application of air purification technology. It has the construction qualification issued by the Ministry of Construction, the member group of the Clean Technology Branch of China Electronics Society, and the star enterprise of Suzhou.

The company strictly provides the complete set of services such as design, construction, installation and commissioning of air-conditioning clean engineering projects in strict accordance with the "Clean Plant Design Code", "Cleanroom Construction and Acceptance Specifications" and Pharmaceutical Production GMP (2010). Over the years, through the introduction and training, the company has created a high-quality, skilled, professionally skilled design and construction team. Long-term construction practices have accumulated rich experience in clean engineering construction. Nearly the purification projects made by the pharmaceutical industry have passed the GMP certification. Reliable engineering quality, good post-production services, and won the trust of customers. The company's business covers more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide.

The company's clean engineering supporting products are: EPS lightweight sandwich color steel plate, ZK series air conditioning unit, SW-CJ series air self-cleaning device, GB series high efficiency air filter, clean transfer window, aluminum alloy return air door, etc., reliable quality The price is reasonable. The company is located in the scenic Jiangnan Water Town. It is located in the territory of Wujiang City, which is a silky place. The geographical position is superior and the traffic is very convenient.