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Wujiang Jinxiao Air Conditioning Purification Co., Ltd.

Wujiang Jinxiao Air-conditioning Purification Co., Ltd., a member of Chinese Contamination Control Society (CCCS) and a Suzhou Star Enterprise, is engaged in the air purification technology and its application with the construction qualification issued by Ministry of Construction.
In strict accordance with Code for Design of Clean Rooms, Code for Construction and Acceptance of Clean Rooms and Good Manufacturing Practice (1998, GMP), the company provides its customers with the packaged services, including design, construction, installment and debugging of the air-conditioning purification projects. Over the years, the company has introduced and cultivated an experienced team of design and construction with high quality and fine skill. As the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect" , this team has gained a wealth of experience in purification engineering construction. The purification projects in the pharmaceutical industry carried out by the company are certified to the GMR With the reliable quality and good service after the production process, the company has been trusted by customers. Its business has been carried on in more than 20 provinces and cities.
Auxiliary products produced by the company for the clean engineering include the EPS light sandwiched color plate, series of ZK air-conditioning units, series of SW-CJ air purifiers, series ofGB high-efficiency air filters, clean delivery windows, aluminum-alloy return air door; etc. All these products are reliable in quality and reasonable in price. The company is situated in Wujiang Ci也 known as the home of oriental silk in the beautiful Yangtze River Delta, with convenient geographic location and transportation.

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Wujiang Jinxiao Air Conditioning Purification Co., Ltd.

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