The company is a professional company that produces air purification equipment and undertakes air-conditioning purification projects. It has obtained the qualification certificate for air purification engineering issued by the Construction Department of the Ministry of Construction of the Ministry of Construction.Member of the Clean Technology Branch of the Chinese Institute of Electronics.


We carry out a rigorous engineering after-sales service process, regularly free on-site maintenance, overhaul, timely response to problem solving, and provide system technical training and maintenance services.

  • Biotechnology

    D-class A clean system engineering design and installation

    Pharmaceutical industry

    Central air conditioning system engineering design, installation

  • Food and beverage industry

    Constant temperature and humidity system and automatic control engineering

  • Microelectronics industry


    Medical and health care

    Equipment power, lighting distribution system design, installation

  • Daily cosmetics industry

    Epoxy self-leveling, anti-static PVC, raised floor engineering

  • Optical industry

    Anti-static system engineering

    Semiconductor manufacturing

    The company owns its own professional processing center

Jinxiao purification project
Construction scope

Company Profile

Wujiang Jinxiao Air Conditioning Purification Co., Ltd.,It is a professional company engaged in the application of pure air technology. It has the construction qualification issued by the paving department, the member unit of the Clean Technology Branch of the China Electronics Society, and the star enterprise of Suzhou.The company strictly provides the complete set of services such as design, construction...



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